March 31, 2014


Chicwish skirt

Mirror Me

Christopher Kane shirtChristopher Kane Shirt, Chicwish Skirt, Lucy Choi London Boots

There were so many things I used to think I couldn't wear because of my height or weight- all white, full skirts and midi dresses amongst other things. These days, there just isn't that much. I find that there's a way to make everything work.

I was a bit skeptical about this Chicwish skirt at first because it's so bright. I mean a full midi skirt on a really short girl coupled with a neon green colour- doubly risky! But I absolutely loved it when it arrived and had to pair it with this Christopher Kane shirt. I first saw the shirt on Matches for £300 and as badly as I wanted it, that wasn't going to work. I then saw it on Rihanna and wanted it even more. Months later when I least expected, I came across the shirt on eBay for £50 and that was it- it was mine!

I've got some pretty amazing pieces from Chicwish recently, haven't I? See here, here, here and here.

Oh, one last thing, as requested, I will be doing a video talking about myself very soon (something I don't particularly like to do, lol). You asked a bunch of questions here that I will answer. Please let me know if there's anything else you're curious about. You'll know so much about me after this video that we might as well be bestfriends. Haha, have a great week my loves!


  1. chuqqy says:

    So bright and beautiful :)….. hey how did you come about your blog name *curious* :).xo

  2. Daniella says:

    I can’t tell you just how much I wanted this Christopher Kane shirt when it was being sold on Matches! It’s such a stunning piece, amazing that you managed to bag it for £50! I love that you’ve styled it with this beautifully bright full skirt and the ankle boots add such a cool and edgy touch 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. Melissafff says:

    This neon skirt is everything ….

  4. Abi says:

    I wanted to know what it is you do, because you’ve said stuff about both uni and work, so how does that work that you do both at the same time? Always been curious

  5. Nikell says:

    Gorgeous!!! This look is perfect for Spring. And what a deal you got on that top! I love when that happens. (^_^)

  6. Ashan-wa says:

    Please o! We are long awaiting for you to post about your hair secrets!

    Lovely outfit! 🙂

  7. Thema says:

    Love skirts gawjus
    Check out my latest post (follow)

  8. I have seen this full skirt on almost every blogger out there, yet on you I look at it differently and see a new way to pull it off, Even if its with a slight change in colour. Love.

  9. RiRi says:

    Wow, amazing! You are really working that skirt 🙂 Great look!

    Ri x

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