February 17, 2014


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While I continue to plough through ten hour work days and a mountain of exams, mock exams and results, it seems that the only reason I'm happy to be grown is that I get to dress like this- full midi skirting with a white button-up shirt injected with a little ghetto fabulous edge via a chunky gold necklace. I probably will never get tired of the look.

I wore a very similar look here and as my addictive personality only continues to intensify each day, if it's not broken, I will never fix it. So if you invite me to a formal event, I'm likely to be wearing this exact outfit or a similar iteration.

Have a great week my loves and I'll check back in a few times this week, promise!

Photos by Sebastian Negut

11 thoughts on “MIDI SKIRTING”

  1. Melissafff says:

    Stunning skirt ….. Love it all dear

    I’m inspired to rock a midi 😉

  2. Belinda Nnah says:

    Love it!

    You can dress this way everyday, totally forgiveable for this level of awesomeness!


  3. Daniella says:

    You are looking stunning Fisayo! Wow this skirt is gorgeous and I love it paired with the classic white shirt and the chunky chain necklace. The photos are also so beautiful 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. Grace says:

    The skirt is dope

  5. I love your outfit. love the midi skirt i am definitely getting myself one. http://www.secretlilies.com

  6. Ashan-wa says:

    Love, love, love that skirt! Lovely post, girl!!


  7. FREED MODE says:

    Stunning, simple and chic, magnific.

    Thank you for your comment
    Check my new post.
    See you

  8. chuqqy says:

    You ooze Class & Elegance ♥. Xo beautiful

  9. Samantha says:

    Stunning! Absolutely beautiful as always!

  10. Missy May says:

    Just elegant and sophisticated!! 🙂


  11. m says:

    love this look soo damn fresh u look real lovely

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