March 5, 2014


Camel CoatBlack High bootsFisayohow to wear thigh high bootshoundstooth skirt

ASOS Top, Chicwish Skirt, Strategia Boots (sold out but love these), Zara Coat

Sometimes the best outfits are the ones that just instinctively come together with little or no thought or brain power. I typically never would have thought to combine a houndstooth skirt with a camel coat; I would have gone for my blue coat. But somehow, I reached for the camel coat and it complemented the black and white so much better.

I'm having so much fun with fashion and my style these days. I'm not sure whether it's because I've been rammed with work and dressing up is one of the few times of the day I have to myself to do something I love. I'm so glad I have this blog to document my escapes from reality.

Has anyone given anything up for lent? I'm not Catholic but I like the idea of making a sacrifice to strengthen my Faith and relationship with God and also as a way of practicing higher standards of self-discipline (much needed!). I gave up Ben's Cookies and took on going to the gym at 6.30am on four weekdays and anytime on one of the weekend days. Wish me luck!

P.S Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I will reply each of them when I have a minute but just thought I'd better get another post up. Also, I will do a hair post to answer all hair questions just after my next visit to the hairdresser's so that I have it perfect for the post ;).

Happy half-way through the week!


  1. Melissafff says:

    Fab look …… Swooning over that skirt !!!! I’m def thinking hard key word thinking lol … About letting go Instagram for a while hmmmmmm let’s see if that works out 😉

  2. chuqqy says:

    Love this combo! I really love the idea of a blog, you get to document your journey.
    A blog is a good way to show your originality & discover hidden depths about yourself
    – Kimora Lee simmons
    You look gorgeous .xo

  3. I just realized i havent actually left a comment on your blog before.. but i love your style… even though a lot of the pieces are out of my price range i love how unique your combos.. are..

  4. Toni says:


  5. Sarah says:

    Love everything, especially the coat

  6. Ashan-wa says:

    I am in love with the skirt! Love the combo!

  7. Your boots and your skirt, That’s all.

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