January 25, 2016


I never let it be all the way cute. This definitely is pushing it though.
princess full skirt coast meslita

Once you're able to fully abandon the notions that still linger from childhood that pink is too cute a colour; too playful; too not for the boss lady you've grown up to be; you begin to kind of really appreciate it.

I bought this skirt over a year ago and so far, I have only worn it with black. Imagine it with white? Ewww! Bootleg barbie.

Previously, I paired it with a black turtle neck and my killer Casadei leather thigh high boots. I always just have to inject a little bit of toughness into every excessively feminine or cute look.

Here I go again wearing a pair of boots that rip off a high-end designer. Christian Dior, I'm sorry! I really am. I called up the CD store when these boots dropped to find out how much they cost. £1800, the lady said. £1800?!?! I really wanted them but would simply not be able to justify, or even afford to be honest, spending £1800 on a pair of patent and perspex boots. So, as much as my heart longed for them, my bank account just wouldn't align. A few months later, my friend sends me a picture of these and I order them immediately. I guess it's kind of similar to how girls, out of being severely uncomfortable with loneliness, sometimes settle for boys that we know aren't the best for us. Lol.

One day, I will be able to upgrade my life and have my fashion choices always align with my ethics. Sadly, not today. Even though a mere copy, these boots are still a beauty.

ASOS Polo Neck Body (Darker grey)
Coast Meslita Skirt (Sold out in Pink. Shop in Black [worn here], Navy, Green)
Public Desire Boots (In Nude and Black)

11 thoughts on “PRINCESS IN BOOTS”

  1. Crimson says:

    This is beautiful

  2. Alma says:

    The new layout of your blog is lovely! Makes reading your content more fun and your photos pop even more.

    I’ve never been a lover of pink, was forced to wear it as a child but as an adult I try to stay away as much as possible. I’m going to give it another try and this time “inject some level of badass” to the outfit.


  3. Sarah says:

    Love how you always add edge to girl fits. Love the colour pairing and silhouettes in this look.
    Princess Audu

  4. Lynda says:

    This ensemble is EVERYTHING!! I love love love it, wouldn’t have thought of styling this with the boots but I’m seriously in love. I really love how you style your outfits

  5. Anjola Fagbemi says:

    I actually still can’t believe it’s a dupe!!! That’s so crazy how good it looks!

  6. Sola Fagbemi says:

    I love this so much .. your photographer keeps killing it!

  7. Sade Lewis says:

    You look amazing! I was majorly an all black girl until i started following other blockers. The boots are cute.

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Thank you!

  8. Filomena Mairosse says:

    I completely get the inclination to either not wear pink or have to make it less girly. I used to be the same way (and sort of still am!) lol. I almost always wear a choker with any cutesy outfit and because I rock a bald cut it these 2 things kick any cutesy outfit’s butt hehehe. You look absolutely gorgeous and those shoes are amazing CD or not!

    1. Lisha Murray says:

      Your look slays! I love a circle skirt, but the booties are everything. Great look.

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