June 10, 2014


Topshop Dress (Similar here and here)

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If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I've just finished what were definitely the hardest exams of my life (at least one was). I could definitely have blogged guiltlessly during my exams because it is my therapy. But sometimes, you just have to dedicate all your effort to a cause, get it out of the way, and know that you couldn't have done any more. It's the only way to avoid regret.

I have so much to share- I'm going to take you on a journey with me through the Thai islands that I visited, show you my outfits, all the random pictures I shot, tell you more about how I organize my trips and why I think traveling alone* is a great idea. I also need to catch up on all your blogs and I'm 3 months behind on Vogue and Elle. And, there's Orange Is The New Black. There's also all the books that I promised myself to start and finish this summer (the ones you recommended here). Exciting times ahead!

Photos by Jimmy- Gina Smith Photography

Location- SALA Phuket

*  Well, I didn't travel completely alone but I'll tell you more about it!


11 thoughts on “METALLIC SILK”

  1. Melissafff says:

    These photos have me drooling !!! Magazine worthy 😉 amazing dress u look stunning doll

  2. Daniella says:

    These photos are so beautiful and your dress is amazing! Your smile and style is always refreshing and inspiring. I bet you’re glad your exams are over and now you can relax and enjoy the summer 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. tola says:

    I really can’t wait! definitely bookmarked your blog. Love youu 🙂

  4. ABBY says:

    You are so stunning Fis!
    The pictures are lovely!

  5. Sarah says:

    Blogging is my therapy too. Stunning photos, love the dress, it looks great on you, never would have thought of silver for a maxi dress. Congrats on finishing up your exams, looking forward to more post.s


  6. You look absolute stunning in these photos. The quality is impeccable. I am so excited to read about your adventures in the upcoming posts. Looking forward to learning something new.

  7. Ashan-wa says:

    Yayyy! You’re back! Love this post!!


  8. Chuqqy says:

    Welcome back Sexy! Can’t wait for the rest posts. Xo

  9. Karina So. says:

    “She’s baaaack!”

    Your Instagram’s made me crave Thailand more than ever before; can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in store for us! And I definitely agree about the allure of travelling alone; every second feels even more like an adventure…


  10. Kesh says:

    Aww you are way too cute! Love the simplicity of the shoot. I hope my hair can one day be like yours 🙂 The struggle ain’t easy lol.

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