October 21, 2015


I'm still so confused by the way this year is flying by. I still remember vividly the days before summer- half hoping that the summer would never really start, so that it would never really end. So, here's a flashback to the beginning of summer and my trip to Marbella. This was the first time that I travelled with my photographer turned good friend, Sylwia, and we did silly things such as party into the early hours of the morning on a day we were meant to start shooting photos at 7am. But, life is for living! And it's so important for me to remember that, especially on holiday. I'm constantly trying to strike the correct balance between living in the moment and documenting it for my blog. I think that is the most difficult part of blogging.

Marbella is a perfect Europe holiday destination- great food, a great party if that's what you want, pretty beaches, and relaxation.

Marbella Travel Guide

To Stay

We stayed in a villa very close to Puerto Banus and it was a great location. I would say anywhere on the long road that runs between the Old Town and Puerto Banus. It was really easy to navigate public transport and to get around. I stayed at Finca Cortesin Hotel (which was amazing) the last time I was in Spain, but it's about 45 minutes out of Marbella.

To Do

Visit the old town (beautiful, and great to roam around and eat some authentic Tapas)

Take a day trip to Tarifa

Nikki Beach (for the glamorous beach lifestyle, but more chilled than Ocean Beach Club)

Take a boat cruise


Go to Morocco! (It's not even an hour away from Tarifa)

To Party

Nikki Beach (really enjoyed the chill party vibes here!)

Olivia Valere (not really my type of music but it's a great vibe for an after-party until the early hours!)

Ocean Beach Club (not my favourite, but everyone else loves it)

I think it's good to have cheap drinks on the strip or in one of the smaller clubs in Puerto Banus and then head out to one of the bigger clubs like Olivia. I haven't tried others like Cavalli club, but they're meant to be quite good as well. Head out with low expectations and just see where the night takes you.

To Eat

This is where I'm an expert, obviously.

La Pappardella (for the most divine Italian. Ask for the 'sexy pasta'. It's not on the menu. Thank me later.)

El Torero

Hacienda Patagonica

Breakfast at Pan Y Mermelada


If you go to Tarifa, go to Bar El Frances for the best Tapas. It is divine.

One of the many cute Tapas restaurants in the old town.

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  1. Sophia says:

    Lol, you look like you’re having tons of fun, enjoy yourself dear.

  2. I love that red swimsuit on your skin!!

  3. You skin is GLOWING, Fisayoo! Slay away boo! Beautiful pictures as always!



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