April 7, 2013

Bar Boulud

Would it be weird if as I introduce myself to people, I include the fact that I really love burgers? I mean, they are a major part of my life. Today, I'm taking you guys to Bar Boulud.The best burger meals are preceded by a cocktail, in my opinion. I had a Mojito which was delicious.That bad boy sitting pretty over there is called a 'BB' burger. With a heck load of contents to boast: Beef Patty, Foie Gras, Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, Truffle, Frisée, Horse Radish Mayonnaise, Confit Tomato and Black Onion Seed Bun and a whooping price tag of £19.50, I had to have the waiter guarantee that it would be worth it. As you know, I hate to waste my calorie intake. I hate even more to waste money (shoes to be bought, duhh). I feared that it might suffer from just having way too much in it but boy, was I wrong. It was perfectly moist and tasty and the presence of ribs in the burger just really really excited my taste buds. I would have said that it was worth the exorbitant price tag if not for the fact that the burger was just so small. It was half the size of a Meat Liquor burger for example. I'd say an 8.5/10 is fair, taking the price and size of the burger into consideration. Chips are not inclusive, by the way.On a normal day, after I've had a burger, I cannot even move. Let alone, order dessert. But one good thing about having the Bar Boulud burger is that it's small enough to leave you space for dessert. Please, order the freshly baked Madeleines. Few cakes I have tasted beat these Fresh Out The Oven (recited to the tune of Fresh Off The Runway) Madeleines infused with just the perfect amount of lemon. Stunning, just stunning.

Lest I forget, I wasn't actually allowed to take pictures at Bar Boulud which really was annoying. Who still does that? Do they not know that it didn't happen if it wasn't photographed? But ofcourse, I still had to sneak a few in. Sue me.

Visit Bar Boulud in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Knightsbridge, opposite Harvey Nichols. More info here.

P.S Thankyou Aziza for the recommendation!

2 thoughts on “Bar Boulud”

  1. tensy says:

    hey fisayo! Was wondering if you could share your eating/work out routine if you have one. Your body is so nice and toned. Like how many calories u eat a day,foods you avoid,work out routine etc? Or you could do a post on it perhaps :D?

    1. fisayolonge says:

      Hello Tensy,

      That’s so lovely, thanks. I struggle massively with weight. I love food so much! Lol. So working out/trying to eat well most of the time is a huge part of my life/battle I deal with. I will do a post on this in the near future!

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