December 20, 2013


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I learnt something this year: the more I shop, the less I have. There are certain buzz words fashion people like to throw about- Timeless is one such word. I used to think: why the hell should I want something just because it's timeless? I equated timeless to boring. A pair of black Chanel pumps is timeless but they don't really make my heart beat faster.
I've realised I'm not so much going for timelessness as I am for Longevity. It doesn't necessarily have to be timeless. With a few exceptional items such as my boy bags, I'll get bored and sell in three years anyway. Five years max.
But looking back at the past year, there are some purchases that I really could have done without- the one-hit wonders; the way too trendy to wear wear a day past the season it relates to; they were all snagged in some sale or the other. My shopping habits will be changing in 2014 so that I feel like The more I shop, the more I have. I'm hoping that this will actually result in shopping less over all. I won't necessarily buy more expensive pieces like these boots, I'll just buy more investment pieces. More pieces that make logical sense. So, I'm not promoting purchasing unaffordable pieces.
I had my eyes on these Balenciaga cut-out ankle boots since 2011 when Rihanna first wore them on Talk That Talk. Then, they were just the best I would never have and even though I really would have loved to own them, it was far too unrealistic and unachievable. I can't even remember if I had the desire to own them. They sold out quick time that season and have been produced season-after-season and welcomed by long waiting lists each time. I must have told you the story of how I got mine- how I got the pair with the silver hardware and returned them. It made me feel sick and scared to spend so much of my hard-earned money on one pair of shoes. This is the single most expensive item that I have 100% self-funded in my life. But, the heart wants what the heart wants and they ended up in my closet in the gold hardware a few months later. I love them more each day and have had zero regrets about the hole they left in my pocket.
My point is that it will take a long-ass time for me to be tired of these. A very very long time. They get better with age and considering the fact that it took 2 months of full-on wear to break into them (your feet will be bloody for the first two months. you will see actual blood and feel indescribable pain), I won't be letting go of them anytime soon. And I didn't buy these in any type of sale. As sale season is already upon as and will intensify in the coming weeks, make sure not to lose your mind to the words "50% off". If you really think about it, sales season is just a way of flogging off old shit. The stuff that no one wanted that season and needs to be gone to allow for new season stuff to come in.
A good way to stay grounded during the sales is to buy only stuff that you already had your eyes on. If you wouldn't even consider buying them full price if money wasn't an issue, should you even be buying them in the sale?
Below are some sale items I'm crushing on that I think will stand the test of time:


  1. Chuqqy says:

    When I start building my wardrobe I would love to have key pieces that transcend seasons but then again a girl needs to have choices but then the word 50% off or sales always wants me to give into my consumerist yearnings LOL but you are right sales items are usually stuffs folks don’t need but even that takes discipline. I do love your fashion choices & I think you have investment pieces. Cheer xx

  2. Katia says:

    Hi Fisayo !

    Sorry to bother you, I just bought these Balenciaga boots and the sole is already fading away (the black paint and the wood is already used..)
    Did you have the same problem? Are they aging well?
    Like you said, they are perfection and I want to keep them forever <3

    Take care,


    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Hey Katia!

      Mine are still fine after about two years! I mean the wooden sole is a bit worn away but it’s never had any bad effects on how the shoes feel on or anything. They are pretty solid boots and I think they age well. I’m sure a cobbler can take care of that quite easily.

      Gosh, they must be killing you if they are new! How’s the pain?

      Fisayo x

      1. Katia says:

        Hi Fisayo !
        Thank you so much for your reply! Yes I probably will take them to a cobbler to protect the sole but I’m glad you said they’re aging well
        The pain is not so bad, I wear healing blister all the time because I try without and I already started bleeding… ahah not the much glamorous shoes at the beginning but like my friend says beauty is pain and pain is beauty 😉
        Thanks again for your reply, that was so kind of you!
        xoxo from Paris

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