December 11, 2015


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I am massively conflicted. On the one hand, I feel that as someone who has such a big love and respect for fashion, and works in the fashion industry, I shouldn't embrace designer 'inspired' pieces. I say 'inspired' because, let's be real, some pieces are straight copies, such as these 'yeezus inspired' boots. Ain't nothing inspired here.

On the other hand, where would we be without 'inspired' pieces? Isn't that pretty much what Zara's entire concept rides on? I walk around Zara and play a fun game called 'spot the designer'. Trust me, there's never a dull moment. Balenciaga here, Proenza there, Chloé on top shelf. Even top luxury designers draw inspiration from each other.

Where is the line drawn though? I actually felt a sense of guilt wearing these boots. I feel that Yeezy's collections are massively overpriced but these boots really aren't the best quality. So I wonder whether I should be buying into them. If they said 'Yeezy' on them, I would never buy them. I don't do designer copies, I snob them hard. But at the end of the day, is there really a big difference?

I'm not one of those people who turns my nose up at fast fashion. You've got to cut your coat according to your cloth. But, is the line drawn before boots like these?

Let's talk about it. Be real with me.

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  1. Ikepo says:

    Omg I have been talking about this all week. These shoes the “Kurt Geiger inspired”and the “Dior inspired” ankle boots from Public Desire are blatant copies. I don’t think it is fair for them to make a profit off someone else’s creativity without really bringing anything new to the table. I love designer inspired pieces and I get really excited when I find them. In this case, however, I think this is copying to an extent that is unforgivable. For the Dior’s & Kurt Geiger ones especially they didn’t even switch up the colours . At least with Zara, they achieve the desired aesthetic with a sufficient amount of variation.

    I love your outfit

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s like, at least change something! Colour, heel size, something! Lol.

  2. Dee says:

    In all sincerity, I feel like the “designer inspired” products oftentimes amount to a misrepresentation and I’ll just rather opt for a brandless product than any inspired whatsoever.

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      I totally get what you mean! That’s the reason for my dilemma but sometimes, I just can’t resist!

  3. Mayowa says:

    I play the “spot the designer” game too! Which is why I haven’t been able to buy a handbag I love in months. Each time I go to buy a bag in a high street store like Zara, KG, or Dune I immediately see where their inspiration comes from and because I don’t want to look/feel like I’m buying the knock-off I don’t buy at all. Which in the long run doesn’t solve anything because i’m still bagless, but my expensive eyes won’t let me buy something I can afford. Having said that, I don’t see myself spending £1000+ on a bag either at this stage of my life. So when my conscience allows I go for a bag that looks less “inspired by so and so”. BUT I was in the Bally store recently and the Sommet bag bears semblance to the Céline Trapeze bag so… what’s a girl to do?

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      LOL! ‘Still bagless’. Girl, if you’re feeling it, buy it. That’s how I’m feeling these days!

  4. Vivian says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the blatant copying. You can’t copyright fashion designs for a reason and the copies don’t stop people who can afford it from buying the real thing. I feel like if you buy an expensive bag you should buy it because you understand the worth. If you can’t afford the expensive one but still want to achieve the look, you should go for the less affordable version. At the end of the day, the art is in how you wear the piece, not necessarily the piece itself. I prefer the public desire copy than the knock offs that actually have the designer name on them.

    1. Vivian says:

      More affordable version**

    2. Fisayo Longe says:

      Fair point that the copies don’t actually stop the people who can afford it from purchasing!

  5. Deola Bee says:

    This is a topic where I tend to contradict myself. I flat out dislike designer copies, like someone should get sued for copying and labelling a fake item. In the same vein with branded copies (e.g the boots you mentioned), I can’t seem to overlook the low quality in comparison to the designer counterpart. With inspired-by item (the ones where they have made a slight change), I actually do a little victory dance since I can’t afford the designer and this one which is obviously inspired-by, is also obviously high street. Most high street brands rely on designer brands for inspiration, I also play the spot the designer game in Zara, hence my no bag situation too.

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Yes, it’s really the low quality that makes me cringe sometimes.

  6. Wura says:

    I think knock-off’s are out-right wrong, but when it comes to high street brands imitating designer pieces or being “inspired-by” designer pieces that is the business of fashion! at the end of the day not everyone can afford designer pieces. Not buying an “inspired-by” piece or a high street imitation that you actually like because it reminds you of something you cant afford is a bit extreme in my opinion. We shouldn’t care so much how other’s will perceive us, most people couldn’t care less if your bag or shoes are inspired-by anyone else, it’s still going to end up with pressed powder or perfume spilling in it anyway!

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      LOL GREAT perspective! I guess the guilt comes from not wanting to cheapen someone else’s creativity. But as you said, Business of Fashion!

  7. I love the boots and honestly thought they were Yeezys!
    In other unrelated news, I love how confident you are in your bra-less boobs. I often try to hide that when I’m blogging because I honestly feel more comfy without a bra lol.

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Lol free the nipple! Funny, I’m actually starting to like bras now- they can be really pretty. But yes, small boobs = don’t have to wear bra! x

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