January 19, 2015


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I'm not sure when it started but the body standards we are held to ever since recent instagram are just unrealistic. How does a woman have gigantic boobs, an anorexic waist and a bum directly proportional to said boobs? I mean, it happens naturally sometimes. And that's great. But, a lot of the proportions flying around in those 4x4 pictures these days are just a little fragment of insanity, in my opinion. This new trend or whatever it might be called is way more dangerous than it appears on the surface- we're hearing about silicon bums going wrong and turning the wrong way round.

The other day, K Michelle (whose album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart is a treat for any true r&b enthusiasts out there) was interviewed on the Breakfast Club and spoke about having fat taken out of her tummy to be put into her bum (this procedure has given her one of those instagram bodies with crazy proportions). As she said, she has every right to undergo any surgical procedure that she desires- it's her body. But then she was asked whether she works out and she revealed that she does not exercise and she eats a lot of McDonald's, or something to that effect. She then went on to say that one of her tummy rolls has returned since the surgery so she was going to have it done again. WTF? I haven't heard many stupider things, honestly. I think it's fair for people to do what they feel they have to in order to be confident in their bodies but to be so lazy as not to maintain that 'new body' and repeatedly undergo a life-threatening procedure instead of getting off their bums (see, what I did there?) is just all types of silly.

Whether you are a member of the #ittybittycommittee, #waistgang, at the gym hustling to join the gang before your next holdiay (holla!) or are really just comfy the way you are, the waist is one of the most flattering parts of a woman's body to accentuate and a waist belt is a perfect way to do that. Especially in the winter when you're generally wearing a lot more volume and your figure quickly disappears under all those layers.

Belts to cinch those waists in:

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I'm wondering if this one is worth the splurge?

7 thoughts on “WAIST GANG”

  1. Ashan-wa says:

    Preacchhh, Fisayo! The amount of sheer stupidity is startling! If you’re going to spend that much money on cosmetic surgery at least try to maintain it. Good genes and a fast metabolism can only last for so long (unless you’re Halle Berry) but even still, WORK MUST BE PUT IN! Garbage in, garbage out. Gbam!

    Do carry on with the slaying 😉 Lots of love,



  2. Ella says:

    Slay!! I’m working on getting my beach bod by the summer but realistic goals have to be set. I’m not into all the Instagram hype!

  3. Deola Bee says:

    Hahaha! Sheer stupidity, I tell you. I love this casual chic outfit!

  4. sarah says:

    I agree with you Fisayo. These days people undergo all kinds of surgeries for the silliest reasons “fix it jesus”. I do love your outfit and the belt it perfect.

    Princess Audu

  5. tensy says:

    I LOVE your wordy posts Fisayo. LOVE it when you address things that everyone can relate to. The pressure from instagram is real though, I didn’t believe such bodies existed in excess before joining. I had so much confidence in my body before Instagram.

    Anyway, Lovely jumper and boots!

  6. I still believe many of these pictures are photoshopped professionally or something. I don’t believe they actually exists. Lovely outfit you have on.


  7. It’s rough in these streets. Thanks for highlighting this, makes for a good read. xo

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