January 22, 2015


valentino couturecouturevalentinoI like couture; but always from a distance. It's the 'oh that looks so lovely on her, the intricate details are amazing!' kind of like. It's never the same 'OMG I want to wear that' kind of like that is induced by the read-to-wear shows. Maybe because having the opportunity to wear couture is so unrealistic at this time. Not that designer ready to wear is realistic, but it's not the same. I could find a Valentino ready to wear coat at Bicester Village and count my coins to buy it. That could happen. But the same couldn't happen for couture. Also, Zara doesn't really replicate couture.

This Valentino couture collection is so special. I really really want to recreate a few of these looks somehow- particularly the cape with the lace top and the shorts. Wow. And then there's the long sleeve mini dress with the scallop details. And also the deep v-neck floor length gown. Wow.

I can't wait to see who wears these looks on the red carpet.

photos from style.com

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  1. Ella-Ro says:

    I would like every single ensemble from their collection. I love Valentino!!! Great post.


  2. Deola Bee says:

    Uh! I love this collection, especially that deep v- floor length gown. Couture is really just a dream to me for now. I have had one couture Valentino cape/jumpsuit/dress thing, stored away in my memory, that I promise to wear on my wedding day.

  3. Halima Lucy says:

    The long sleeve mini dress with the scallops is my favourite, simply because I can see myself wearing that.


  4. Ivie9ja says:

    That cape is gorgeous

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