May 27, 2012

Too Lazy To Tweet

ASOS shirt, Primark Skirt, Reiss shoes (love these shoes so much)

When I was growing up, Sundays were always family days. As we've gone to different places and are now chasing different dreams, that has changed. But, family is so important. I think that sibling rivalry is almost inevitable in most families and my family has/had a lot of that- we punched, kicked, yelled and dissed each other, the whole works (no joke). I never thought we would actually be good friends so for any of my readers bothered about sibling rivalry, I promise that it changes as you grow up! When you get the chance, make the effort to hang out together and build your relationship.

So many people on the streets kept stopping my brother to take pics of his shirt and tell him how much they liked it, we started to think 'tweet' had a different meaning from twitter :S. It's a pretty cool tee but it was weird how much everyone loved it, lol.

We had brunch at Harry Morgan in St. Johns Wood. The pancakes were fab, check them out.

Now, your turn!

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