March 10, 2016


The moment when you realise that you can't do it all.
helene berman coat
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I’ve always thought that I could do it all. I still know that I ultimately can do it all. But I really thought that I was superwoman and I could juggle multiple commitments at the same time.

It’s been five weeks since my last blog post and for the first time, I’ve realised that I cannot effectively juggle multiple serious commitments. The realisation sucks. But, I’ve accepted it and I’m now letting life happen and learning to prioritise and acknowledge how much seasons matter and how important it is to do what you have to do, when you have to do it, even if something else that you love has to suffer.

I’m working on a really exciting project that I cannot wait to share with you. After four years of blogging, I know that to be able to stay invested in this channel and keep it interesting and dynamic enough for me, I have to take it to the next level in some way. I’m looking to be able to launch this project early in the summer, but you will start to get an idea of what I’m talking about from April.

So yes, I’m sorry for my absence. If you’ve been visiting my blog everyday only to find that burgundy fur skirt still at the top, I’m sorry about that. Also grateful that you didn’t put pressure on me about this.

How’ve you guys been? Is 2016 going as you planned?

Two essays down, three more to go. I think I’ve got my mojo back and I don’t see another five week disappearance.

Thank you for being here.

15 thoughts on “THE REALISATION”

  1. Janelle Cordero says:

    That coat is everything!

  2. Melissa says:

    Back with a bang!

  3. Bisi says:

    I love that coat!!!

  4. Tamika says:

    Good look, love the jacket !!

  5. Janet Ekpo says:

    Back with so much Fierceness

  6. Esther koin says:

    Fabulous! I love your styles

  7. Martha says:

    I think your attention to detail really makes it, from the longline coat, frayed hem jeans to the multi-strap shoe, everything just pulls together to make this simple outfit anything but boring! Love it x

  8. Aïchatou Bella says:

    This coat is just it for the spring season!

    Aïchatou Bella

  9. Filomena says:

    Great to see you back! I’m sure whatever you have planned will be awesome and as a beginner blogger seeing the work you put into your platform is very inspiring! Also, this outfit is so freaking gorgeous! Love the bluntness of the bottom of the jeans and that coat!!!!!

  10. IMAN says:

    I can’t wait to see! We sure can’t do it all, but what matters the most is putting our energy in projects/things/people that bring us joy and reward. So I’m sure you’re all good girl!
    (Also this coat?? Love.)


  11. Zeina says:

    love those shoes. outfit is on point!

  12. Kui says:

    Really great to have you back, I had missed you!

  13. stephh says:

    great to have you back b
    you inspire me !

  14. Golden Ugonna says:

    Fisayo longe always…I love love your creativity

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