July 24, 2015


black flared trousersasos waist beltzara flared trousers

Black Silk Shirt (sold out. get the look at ASOS, Alice & Olivia, Missguided, Moschino, Vince)

Black Waist Belt

Zara Black Flared Trousers (Urban Outfitters, New Look, Margiela, Nasty Gal, Marni)

Black Heels

Reward Style Javascript

It's so cool when you put three separate pieces together and everyone tells you how much 'they love your jumpsuit'. It really is such a pleasure as a stylist when you can put together one new piece (the black flared trousers) with two existing pieces in your closet. That is why they say to imagine wearing everything three different ways before you commit to purchasing. These days, I really dislike 'one hit wonders' that you cannot pair with anything else and only serve you for one wedding, or one birthday. A lot of joy in styling comes from giving the same item a completely new identity multiple times.

'OMG I love your top',

'Really? I wore it to your birthday two years ago', '

No way! Is it the same one, that was a dress?',

'Yes it is, I just decided to pair it with trousers this time'.


When I took these black flared trousers to the drycleaners to get an inch chopped off at the hem (short girl problems), the lady at the till excitedly asked 'Gosh, are these back in style, I have a closet full of them and refused to get rid of them?'. I was so happy to confirm to her that they were indeed back in style. Sometimes, even if you have your own style and you don't follow trends, it becomes a little difficult to commit to looking outdated. It's such a good idea to put your most loved "out of fashion" pieces in storage for a while and wait for them to come back in style- they always do.

I used to ridicule my mum for wearing mules, and look what happened. If there is one thing I've learnt in fashion, it is to never say never.

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9 thoughts on “SUPER FLARED”

  1. Melissa Ward says:

    Fab look dear … Werk

  2. Filomena says:

    OMG I totally thought it was a jumpsuit!!!
    Gorgeous gorgeous outfit! I might have to give the flared pants another go!

  3. Igee Okafor says:

    I loved this outfit as soon as I set my eyes on it on your snapchat story. Bold – yet, refined. I seem to be using that word a lot these days but you look very tasteful. The flared trousers are so distinctive alongside the use of the belt. All in all, a very cohesive look from you. Thanks for sharing!

    Igee Okafor
    Style Enthusiast/Blogger

  4. Daniella says:

    Amazing look Fisayo! So strong and incredibly stylish, the belt just pulls the whole outfit together!

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  5. Motilayo W. says:

    Gorgeous look.
    I love when that happens, but the top is really pretty tho.

    Much Love, M

  6. I have always been a lover of the flared trend. It’ll never go out in my dictionary. Fisayo, you killed this look in my dictionary. This is hands down my favorite outfit of yours till date.

    You had me at the flared trousers 😉 #winning


  7. Taj says:

    I absolutely love this look – and the short bob looks stunning on you!!! So classy

  8. Deola Bee says:

    I absolutely look this look, everything works together so well. Since you started working out, the change I have noticed is the definition of your hips, you look great Fislaya!!

  9. Martha says:

    Absolutely adore these flares on you. I did have a pair of flares but I wasn’t too keep on them as they were too short 🙁 however seeing these on you is tempting me back, I may have to make a little purchase my self!

    Martha xo
    It’s in the Details, Dahhling

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