October 8, 2013


oranges It has taken me so long to do a Skincare post simply because my skin is extremely imperfect and I have been genuinely shocked at the number of requests received. Please remember that when it comes to matters of the skin, results vary drastically from person to person. My mum swears by Dermalogica, I swear against it. I used Dermalogica for years and all that time, I was terribly embarrassed to go out without wearing make-up. In April this year, my mum suggested I try Clarins which transformed my skin completely. I've had requests for my skin care routine since last year and refused to do the post until now because I was never proud of my skin and therefore didn't want to recommend products I didn't believe in. I still am not proud. My skin is recovering but I can finally go out without make-up on and not cross to the other side of the road when I see someone I know walking towards me.clarinsLet's start with my Cleansers. Cleansing is a necessity: I cleanse every morning and night to wash away impurities, make-up, germs etc. The Gentle Foaming Cleanser is a soap that lathers and the Water-Comfort One Step Cleanser is both a cleanser and a toner. I use the Gentle Foaming (sensitive/dry skin) at night to wash away all the dirt accumulated during the day and I use the Water Comfort in the morning to clean any oil/dirt accumulated during the night and also as a toner.

eye gelI don't have under-eye wrinkles to worry about yet but I don't want to worry about them for a long time so the eye gel contour is my preventative measure of choice. It also makes my eyes feel less puffy after sleepless nights. I apply the gel around my eyes after cleansing.

Extremely thirsty and malnourished, that I thought I had dry skin which turned out not to be the case. This serum helped restore my skin and quench it's thirst. This is the first layer of substance that I use on my face after cleansing.

hydraquench cream

I follow the intensive hydraquench serum with hydraquench moisturiser (normal to dry skin). I love how soft this moisturiser makes my skin feel.


Twice a week, I exfoliate to remove all the dead cells and unblock my pores. Exfoliation is really important for smooth and flawless skin.

clarins clay mask

I follow exfoliation with a clay mask which I leave on for 10 minutes. Again, this mask leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth as a baby's bottom.

blue orchidAfter cleansing at night, I apply the Blue Orchid face treatment onto my skin. It's my nighttime equivalent of the daytime Hydraquench Intensive Serum. Again, it hydrates my skin and is helping me recover from years of thirsty skin.

creme de la mer

Finally, the magic. The secret to my newly acquired confidence sans make-up. Creme De La Mer the concentrate slowly but surely gets rid of your scars. I'm being dead serious. Here's the bad news: it costs a whooping £320. I know-it's unbelievable, completely ridiculous. I bought mine from eBay for £160 because I figured that sacrificing a pair of shoes for flawless skin was most definitely worth it. I use it every morning after moisturing and every night after applying my Blur Orchid serum. It's been just under 6 months and I can tell you hand on heart that it has gotten rid of 50% of my scars and lightened all of them. The problem: it's about to finish and I can't find any on Ebay for under £160. I feel like I need to buy it one more time just to leave my face at least 80%-90% scar-free so I'm checking eBay every day for something to come up! I cannot sing enough praises about this product.


So that's it, my skincare routine! I have never been one to have flawless skin- I have always had troubled skin and constantly battled acne but for now, this really works for me. I barely ever have spots unless it's that time of the month. But please remember that skincare is very subjective and what works for me might be the worst for you. Also, don't underestimate the importance of a good diet (I'm guilty of neglecting this sometimes) and drinking lots of water. I try to drink at least 2 litres a day but I'm building up to a gallon- this makes a world of difference. I know that these products are not cheap but I pretty much dedicated a chunk of my earnings in April this year to sorting out my face and I'm happy to sacrifice a couple shoes and clothes to be confident in my own skin. Also, remember that you don't have to use all these products. If you're conscious about the costs, I'd prioritise three products: the gentle foaming cleanser as your morning and night face wash, hydraquench cream as your day moisturiser and blue orchid face treatment as your night hydration formula and just use a cheaper exfoliator. Now I just have to figure out how to buy that damn Creme De La Mer Concentrate again.

I was really sleepy at the time of writing this so if there is anything I left out, please ask in the comments section and I'll get back to you asap.


  1. cynthia Longjohn says:

    Hi,1st tym visiting ur blog n i like this post!…im light skinned n iv struggled for years to get something that will soothe my skin. Im Nigerian, i dont mind this clarins product u mentioned above,but i need to know if i can use them ,considering im facing same skin issues as u did in d past(both face n body). N i know clarins product r pretty expensive here in Nigeria. Pls kindly reply.thanks

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Hi Cynthia, I’m not sure what exactly your question is. Clarins has been great for me. But, I can’t guarantee that it will work for you.

      1. cynthia Longjohn says:

        I dont mind trying them out, can a light skinned person also use same products u mentioned?…if yes, whr n hw can i get them?

        1. Fisayo Longe says:

          Yes, a light-skinned person can use them. I’m not sure where in Nigeria you can get Clarins from. You’ll have to look around or get someone to bring them in for you from abroad.

          1. Booses says:

            You can get Clarins at the Black-Up store at the Palms in Lekki

  2. Yemisi says:

    Hi Fisayo,
    I read your post a few weeks back and immediately thought to myself that your skin ailments sounds like mine so I should follow the same treatment/care steps. It is easy for most of us to assume that “if I do what someone else who has great skin does, then I would automatically get the same result” but I know that that is not always true. DNA/lifestyle often does not allow this to be true. Like your experience with the products your mom swears by, but does not work for you.
    I decided the first step was for me to actually document what my face/skin does or does not do. I must say that my skin is extremely thirsty too from years of neglect and wrong product care. I have wanted to start on the Clarins beauty regime for a year now but have hesitated/procrastinated for a bit. I decided to go with my decision and have just now ordered all the same products you shared, except the Cleansers(I have this really cleanser/scrub I have been using for six weeks weeks now and I love them) and of course I did not buy the almighty LaMer *chuckles*
    I will let you know how they work for me and if I like them. Thanks for sharing/giving an honest and open perspective. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      So, how is Clarins working for you? x

      1. Yemisi says:

        SIXTY DAYS!
        Yup, yup! I am celebrating 60days and counting.
        I have/am enjoying the Clarins products I bought. This winter has been hellish and I can say that I possibly may be looking like a 60y/o/f if I had not paid attention and made the decision I did, when I did.
        Thanks for encouraging me to do that with this post. My fav product is the HydraQuench Cream. I enhance it with a few drops of Blue Orchid Face Oil at night too. The Serum has saved well as a Primer for my makeup in the mornings, without overwhelming my skin.
        The only product I cannot give full credit to is the Eye Cream, but I am looking at it as a work-in-progress.
        My Face is not where I wish it to be yet, but I see the huge from hydration and the supple enhancement the products have afforded me. After years of neglect, I promise myself to care better for my skin and I trust that it will progress on this way.

  3. dabbie says:

    Hi, I just stumbled on this post and I’ve got questions.i just started using clarins moisture rich body lotion with shea butter as a day and night cream and I’m giving it time as to results but I’ve got scars on my body I need to get rid of and my face is also slightly darker than my body.could u b so nice as to recommend a few budget friendly products Frm clarins I could use??

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Hiya, I’m sorry I’ve never tried any products from Clarins (or anywhere else apart from the very expensive Creme de la Mer) that have worked to clear scarring. Hope you find something!!

  4. Henrietta aigbuza says:

    Nice post

  5. Ayo says:

    Hi Fisayo, if you are in the UK you should try the Cosmetics Company Store outlet at Bicester Village. I bought my Crème de la Mer there for half price. They also have other products at discounted prices.

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      wowww!!! Thank you for this- I’m gonna try!

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