October 14, 2016



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You never really know what something is going to be like, until you’re in it. If there’s anything that my experiences this year have taught me, it has been to never judge. There’s so much more to every single situation than meets the eye.

The difference between successful people and everyone else is that those who make it, make a decision to show up everyday, by any means necessary. It’s so easy to become so engrossed in the success stories and ‘overnight successes’. Behind almost every success story and every ‘overnight success’ is several years of hard work, financial and emotional struggles, anxiety, and just showing up every single day.

Most of the real work goes on behind the scenes. Hours on end at the desk grinding; scenes that never make it to social media. And that’s what a lot of us underestimate- the endless hard work of the most unglamorous kind.

How are you guys and what have you been working on lately?


Fis x

P.S I’m trying to blog more casual everyday looks. I love an elevated basic- like this tee. The texture is difficult to explain- it feels a bit suedey. I want it in every colour.

10 thoughts on “SHOW UP EVERYDAY”

  1. Tejumade Haastrup says:

    I follow you on Instagram and on Facebook but this is the first time I’ve visited your blog. I am impressed by your post and outfit, I must say. Love, love!

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Thank you so much Tejumade! x

  2. grace Gobey says:

    nice!!! I love your content really trueee!!! and the outfit is cool

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      That means so much to me, thank you!

  3. Aïchatou Bella says:

    This is giving me all sorts of Yeezy vibes! Very dope look.

    Aïchatou Bella

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Thank you lovely!

  4. Deola Bee says:

    Yay!!! The slayer is back! I love seeing my favourite bloggers everyday style but I LIVE for the super slaying ones. I love the entire construction of this outfit and the subtle texture play going on.

  5. Nicole says:

    I’ve been following your for a longggg time girlfriend!!!!!! And you’ve inspired me to start a blog for my daughters! I dress them up like Barbies all the time, and many people have told me “get them out there!!” So, I’ve decided to go for it!!! I remember I first started following you, I went way back to your first pic! You keep pushing love!!! You inspire many!!!

  6. tm says:

    my first time in the UK during the cold. happy to have your blog for style inspiration. love love this look. good work F.

  7. Perpetua says:

    Love your style Fisayo. You really are amazing and inspiring! Continue working hard it will pay off.

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