January 26, 2013

Ulyana Sergeenko Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

I have a board on pinterest called Fairytale Fashion which should probably be re-named Ulyana Sergeenko for the majority of the few pictures in it are of her. She has a distinctive style and sticks to it. She doesn't really try many different fashions or trends because she knows what she loves and it works for her. I too love this. It's a bit like having a uniform but at the same time, so far from. You know what kind of theme to expect but at the same time, you have no idea what she will give you because she's just so effortlessly creative with it! Will it be Cinderella, Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood? Will it be sweet and bright or dark and fierce? You never know.

She translated her style perfectly into her second Paris Haute Couture fashion week show this past week. Models walked out of a lifestyle fairytale book, literally. I can't believe how well she nails this and how much variety she has from within the same theme.

Now, your turn!

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