November 2, 2012

Shiny Little Shoes

Remember two weeks ago when we spoke about Fashion vs. Comfort? I had my eyes on the Gold and Burgundy Tod's Moccasins. I loved the metallic nature of the gold pair  (all that glitters is in fact gold) and I loved the greater versatility of the burgundy pair. How could I resist my favourite colour of all time?

After going to the Tod's store and trying them both on, I came to the conclusion that I could not spend £310 on them. I remembered that I had seen similar shoes in Russell and Bromley many a time and decided to give that a go. I walked into Russell and Bromley and this shiny little burgundy pair begged me to take them home. I walked out without them but went back tonight. Ofcourse I was going to take them home all along, our first meeting was only just a front. As if by magic, they were exactly half the price of the Tod's.

I'm ready to cherish these and wear them every day until they no longer have any wear to offer me. I've done my bit for comfort. SATISFACTION.

One thought on “Shiny Little Shoes”

  1. Uc says:

    Lovely! Now this is awesome!

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