August 21, 2014


ASOS Dress, Christian Louboutin Heels

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This dress was an instant hit when I posted it on Instagram. I totally get it, it was an instant hit to me when I saw it on ASOS. It looked amazing styled on Molade- she has a lovely slim but curvaceous figure- what everyone is now calling 'slim thick', I guess. Lol.

Check out the rest of my portfolio on my website: and don't hesitate to contact me with your styling or shopping needs. I'm too excited to get working with some of my readers!

5 thoughts on “PRETTY, SEXY FLORALS”

  1. That term “Slim thick”. LOL!
    It’s a gorgeous dress indeed. Love the lookbook.

    Igee Okafor
    Style Enthusiast/Blogger

  2. Motilayo W. says:

    The dress is gorgeous. I love it!

    Much Love, M

  3. Gina says:


    I’ve always watched from behind the scenes, never commenting so to speak. I absolutely adore your blog and style (a style very similar to mine).

    I love the write up but spotted a nit – it would read better to have ‘it was an instant hit for me’ instead of ‘to me’.

    Good job though, keep it up!!


  4. DESOLA MAKO says:

    really @slimthick.

  5. DESOLA MAKO says:

    really @slimthick.

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