February 3, 2016


When a jacket is just as warm as it is stylish.
padded jacket
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This post is so annoying to me because after my photographer Sylwia had only taken like two pictures, I decided I didn’t really like the outfit anymore and asked her to stop.

Now, I love it, and have only this blurry picture to show for it. Lol. C’est la vie.

6 thoughts on “PADDED JACKET”

  1. grace says:

    your outfit looks great

    My Style Diary

  2. sola says:

    lol i was almost annoyed that you uploaded just one picture … like how can she look so cute and upload just one picture haha but now that explains everything


  3. Style & poise says:

    Another look pf perfection! The bag and that coat…love!!

  4. Lynda Okoli says:

    For me the star of this outfit (except the jacket of course) is the bag and shoes. I love! I think this picture slays btw

  5. Bianca @itsallbee says:

    Love the shoes! Would love to see how they look without the trousers.


  6. Michelle says:


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