October 21, 2014


off duty look

River Island Coat, River Island Tee, Topshop Jeans, Givenchy Bag, ASOS Boots

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A friend told me that as much as she loves my blog, it could sometimes be aspirational instead of inspirational. She said that people could go 'That picture looks great but that outfit would never suit me!'. Meaning that I post a lot of outfits that people wouldn't usually wear. Do you guys agree? I love that sort of constructive criticism! You know, stuff that actually matters. So, I'm making it my end of year resolution to post more casual outfits. I don't wear jeans that often but on the occasion that I do, here's how.

7 thoughts on “OFF DUTY”

  1. tensy says:

    Although I think aspirational is subjective I agree! lol I always just thought you wore some of the outfits you post just for the pictures but most of the outfits I’ve copied have been the simpler looks,simply because I’m into minimalism. Other people might find other outfits you post wearable so I think it’s subjective. I also don’t think you should switch up your style because of that.

    Anyways love the outfit you posted, wearing it to uni today

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Thank you for your feedback :).

      I do wear the outfits I post but I don’t have minimalist style. I don’t always post my more casual looks because I thought people wouldn’t be interested in seeing them and that’s where she pointed out that I was wrong. So, I’m not switching up my style, just including casual looks that I thought people wouldn’t be interested in seeing.

      Have a great day at uni! xxx

  2. Dee says:

    Interesting constructive criticism! With most of your posts, I always think, ahh I’d never have thought of buying that or that’s a clever way to pair these items or a clever colour scheme! I’d say it’s helping me sort of be more creative whilst staying true to my own style!

    It would be nice to see what your casual looks like!

    Well done Fisayo!

  3. Chuqqy says:

    Wow! Your friend has got Skilled, well trained eyes. I would love for you to switch it up every once in a while even though am all for elaborate, dramatic styling provided that it suits you.
    And your styling has really inspired me to think out of the box . I am very interested in seeing what you
    Look like in casuals. xo ♥

  4. Agirl says:

    I have experienced both aspiration and inspiration with your blog. However, I would also love to see your casual looks.

  5. dyshaun says:

    Gotta admit, Fis, Hun. I don’t come to your blog for casual steeze. My off duty is pretty solid and I look to blogs like yours for new ideas. Much love from Sunny Florida! Xxoo.

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      HAHA I LOVE YA. That’s what I thought but gotta please loyal readers so I’m happy to be more casual (by all means ignore the casual posts!!). Love that you’re confident enough to call your off duty ‘pretty solid’. You sound like my type of girl! Lol. xxx

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