June 30, 2017


Imagine if women just did exactly what we wanted to do. We would set the world on fire.

I never realised growing up that being a woman would one day feel like a handicap. It’s like one minute you’re living life care-free and taking all your days and experiences as they come, and the next minute you’re being hounded about reaching certain milestones in life that you can’t even fully control. Nobody warns you about how the pressure slowly builds until it consumes you and you start to see yourself through the eyes of someone else and feel inadequate about not ticking boxes that you’re not even interested in ticking just yet.

I wonder if all the people who will ask me at my cousin’s wedding on Sunday when my time will come and remind me that the clock is ticking, ever think of asking me whether I’ve found myself. Whether I know who I am and the woman I want to be. Whether I’m on track to fulfilling my purpose. Or whether they are just so oppressed by society’s way of placing an expiry date on women and know no better than to continue the chain of oppression.

Just like any uncomfortable form of systemic oppression, it takes conversation to build awareness to start to address the issues. I love a brand that goes the extra mile to improve the lives of their target audience.

SK-II is starting this conversation to educate and change destiny. Watch the video that is challenging society to change our thoughts and realise that there is more to life than these boxes that women are being convinced that they must tick by certain ages:

It is bizarre that we have been made to believe that every woman on earth should aspire to achieve the exact same things. It is also bizarre that we have been made to believe that these ‘achievements’ must be realised by a certain age, all of us before the age of 30.

Unfortunately, so many women are raised in societies where the people they are raised by have also been conditioned to believe this lie. Just imagine the things that women would achieve if we dared to live with the freedom that men do? If we were not waiting to be saved by a certain age and just went out to build the lives that we want. The world would be set on fire, in the best way possible. Imagine if women were not constantly worried about ageing and no longer being desirable? Just imagine if we were brave enough to embrace every single moment and live it to the fullest?

In my life, I have sought out women who share similar philosophies to mine in order to build a strong network of support and encouragement in pursuit of our goals and to enable each other fulfill purpose. I teamed up with my bestfriend to discuss the video which we watched together.

11 thoughts on “NO EXPIRY DATE”

  1. theodditty.com says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! As an upcoming blogger who is also nigerian this resonates with me so soundly! I’m so restricted in my goals because of what society expects me as a young woman to achieve! Thank you @fisayo for this! Much love ❤️

  2. MJ Junior says:

    I Totally love everything about this post!


  3. Egodi says:

    This article is spot on! This restrictions and pressures that women face is real but the truth is that its only a problem to those with any form of ambition as most young ladies actually look forward to just getting married and nothing else.I’m actually going through this presently, but I just ignore all the pressures and focus on what I wanna become and where I’ll like to get to.

  4. Tutu says:

    I absolutely love this. Women are on so much pressure to follow society’s standards and its overwhelming. I love the message here

  5. Kristina Wilde says:

    Yes! This was such a beautiful post and as women we really need to grow together and support each other! Such a wonderful post xx

  6. Ibiso Kio-Harry says:

    The pressure put on women is the main cause of appreciation of broken marriages, Soceity has made the female sex want marriage more than their dreams. This has to stop.

  7. The dereon wallflower says:

    Most women are mostly pressurized on this part of the world in Nigeria, because people believe if you haven’t married at the age of thirty you are being tied down in a spiritual limbo, but the truth is God arranges everything and these so called “women” haven’t found themselves and they aren’t ready for marriage yet!

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