November 14, 2018


My little sanctuary amidst all the chaos of life.
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As a transcontinental and citizen of the world,  since I left ‘home’ in Nigeria over ten years ago, home for me has never been a country. It has always been a feeling. I have lived in boarding school, with family, and with friends and the place I live has sometimes felt more foreign than a hotel when I travel.

Since moving into this house in London in 2016, I’ve slowly been making it home. I have never felt happier and safer in my space, and getting me to go clubbing is a real mission.

I’ve only had that Armchair from for a few months and it has already seen me through the end of a few books, bearing in mind that I only finished one book last year.

There is no better feeling than the complete peace and comfort that I now feel in my space.

P.S The nesting table from was too big for my room so the larger of the two tables is now the coffee table in the living room. Did someone say one bird, two stones?

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  1. Carissa says:

    Wow I love all the decor here, it looks stunning! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Carissa |

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