August 13, 2012

My Mini Muse

I picked up this little munchkin (my little sister) from the airport yesterday. We took these photos of each other on our way out today. So glad to have her here with me now.

Mirror Me:
American Apparel White Crop Top
Zara Leopard Pants (Similar here)
Reiss Heels (Similar here)

8 thoughts on “My Mini Muse”

  1. Wow, it’s definitely in the family!:) x

    1. Mirror Me says:

      Haha thankyou Jolita! x

  2. She looks so sweet and your look is greaT

    1. Mirror Me says:

      Thankyou! 🙂

  3. tareyrey says:

    She’s so pretty, Love your leopard print pants.

    1. Mirror Me says:


  4. Katie D. says:

    Love your short hair. And everything else, you look great (and happy with lil sis in tow!)

    1. Mirror Me says:

      Aww thankyou 🙂 x

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