April 7, 2013


I only bought these shoes just over a week ago and having worn them about 10 times already, cost-per-wear is about £6.50. (I just love cost-per-wear by the way. It makes the most ridiculous purchases seem actually quite okay. e.g these beauties by way of Valentino. Do you not see yourself wearing them everyday for the rest of your life? Which in turn means that cost-per-wear would be reduced to a teeny weeny fraction of zero).
I am seriously contemplating whether it makes any sense to knowingly buy uncomfortable shoes. The fact that I am contemplating that might seem ridiculous to some but let's be honest, the most beautiful shoes make your feet beg for mercy. I don't think I will ever be able to resist a pair of stilettos such as these but when it comes right down to it, how much sense does it make?
These pumps are undoubtedly my favourite purchase of the year so far and I'm so happy to be seeing beautiful flat shoes popping up around me! I haven't liked a single pair of pumps for the past three years at least. It's going to be an easy breezy summer!

I am wearing ZARA coat, H&M Dress, American Apparel Jeans, Chanel Boy, Kurt Geiger Shoes

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