November 11, 2013


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It must be such a dead giveaway when I'm not 100% in love with an outfit. I'm such a 'wear my heart on my sleeve' type of girl in almost every aspect of life. I say what I mean, mean what I say and often say too much. When I love an outfit; I gush about how much I do, how the outfit came to be, what it reminds me of etc.

As this blog is a direct representation of my life, I'm not always wearing something absolutely fabulous that I love. Sometimes it will just be something that I think 'yeah, this is cute. It will do'. In such cases, I really don't have much to say about it and am really just tempted to post the pictures, link to the outfit for your purchasing pleasures and be done with it. But, there's something I don't like about not seeing any narrative.

Take this outfit for example. I love leather, I adore a leather dress. I like a cropped turtleneck and I love these Burberry creepers. But, I'm not in love with this outfit. It's cute, it served it's purpose. You know what I mean? It's not everyday that I'm going to look like this and feel like a million bucks. But, the blog has to go on and blog posts have to happen!

On that note, it's back to the Monday grind! Hope you all have a fabulous week and thank you for reading + commenting! Your engagement makes each week significantly happier! 🙂

6 thoughts on “LEATHER DRESS”

  1. Wendy says:

    I would kill for those shoes! Well, not literally. Lol! Dunno what you’re ish-ish about…this is FAB.

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      I got them SUPER reduced from a designer outlet, that was a great day. Thanks love. x

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Thank you Seyi 🙂 x

  2. Sarah says:

    so I can’t believe this is the first time I’m seeing your fabulous blog! so stylish, you have great taste!

    I finally got the courage to start my own blog after 3+ years of contemplation, fear, and self doubt. it is always super encouraging for me to see other black girls out there like yourself just killin it. I would love for you to check out my blog! my most recent post is about the African fabric- Ankara! 🙂

    keep blogging!

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Hello Sarah,
      I’m SO proud of you for abandoning fear and self-doubt and going for it. You keep blogging too and email me if you ever want to talk or just for some re-assurance! You are very capable of whatever you dream and I’ll definitely check your blog out. I love readers like you.

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