June 10, 2012

Leather and Spikes







Ebay vintage Jumper, Zara Jeans, Doc Marten Shoes, Aldo Cuff, Chanel Boy Bag
Love this old ebay vintage re-worked jumper but the material is kinda itchy so I don't wear it as often as I should.
I've had a really weird week thinking a lot about this place called life and all within it. Sometimes you think you've got it a little sussed out and then in a flash, all the clarity is thrown up in the air and you have to try to start making sense of it all over again. But maybe it isn't supposed to make sense? Maybe it won't ever make sense? I made a mental list of things that I'm sure of and all the things that make me think 'what the hell is life'? Safe to say there's nothing like clarity or at least thinking you have it. I used to be a not-too-bad poet and writing helped me express a lot of my thoughts, doubts and feelings but I've had writer's block for about 5 years, all these words inside me looking for a way to come out. If this makes no sense to you, forgive me, it's one of those days. On the list of my necessities in life; Clarity, Peace and Serenity are way up there.

2 thoughts on “Leather and Spikes”

  1. i love your look your hair Wow
    check out my new post its about my friend’s music video and it would be great if you could give your impressionS

    1. Mirror Me says:

      Thankyou! Yes sure will check it out now. xx

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