February 14, 2017


Everyone has that one item that they can count on, winter after winter.

Does anyone else have a little bit of fashion fatigue? Everything really does seem rather robotic these days. Kim Kardashian wears something and the entire world follows. And by the entire world, I mean the entire world. From every single high-street brand to every single instagram boutique. And that's where my frustration really lies, in that it's more difficult to look different even if you wanted to.

Most of the time, it's actually stuff that the fashion girls have been wearing for months but that only a few people picked up on until she instagrammed. I am grateful for the few months we had with fishnet tights before Kim's instagram photo. It's difficult to stay inspired to create when everywhere you turn, you're looking at more of the same.

I try to shop these days and find that hardly anything inspires me. However, this isn't really a bad thing as the creative director of my fashion brand KAI because I can create the clothes that I really want to wear but I can't seem to find.

I'm also going through a weird phase of not being entirely sure what my style is at the moment and where it's going. Now, I totally get why people have uniforms. I get why Emanuelle Alt wears pretty much the same thing all the time. In the last year, my life has changed so much and been so unstable. I totally see how having a definitive style identity that I could return to everyday would have helped me maintain a certain level of normalcy and peace, amongst the chaos. However, I don't know if I am ready for that level of sartorial commitment yet.

Nevertheless, some things will never change. Like suede thigh-high boots to get me through the harshest of winters. And it's these pieces that I return to year after year after year, that I really appreciate and I'm really grateful for.






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  1. MJ Junior says:

    Your style is definitely cutting edge! love that skirt!


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