February 22, 2013

Joanne Stoker AW13

You might remember Joanne Stoker from when I interviewed her on Mirror Me? This season, Joanne Stoker presents Mad About You. The inspiration behind this collection is her passion for the Russian artist Kandinsky and photographer Steven Meisel. Joanne really dared yet again, as she is known to do. The fabrics, colours, patterns. The mix of checkerboard, zigzags, pinstriped pony hair juxtaposed against glossy patents, fur pompoms, 3D glitter spots, cubism heels, square toes, foam soles. Every pair is just so exciting, like how fun can you be Joanne?! I really think the classic brown leopard print is about to take a bit of a seat and give way to pony hair for a little while, a la Burberry. I just don't see both continuing to prevail at the same time. But, who knows these things. Is it just me or can you just picture some of those short square pom pom heels and flatforms on Susie Bubble's feet right now? You did it again Joanne, you did it again. Obviously, I'm not surprised though.

One thought on “Joanne Stoker AW13”

  1. Anastasia Kavo says:

    These are so unique! I have to check her designs out! I love the furry poms.

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