March 14, 2017


Follow these steps and watch your Instagram thrive.

A beautifully curated Instagram with an engaged (see: engaged, not necessarily huge) following is an invaluable key to internet success these days. Even models get asked at castings how many instagram followers they have, before they are booked on a job. As a blogger, Instagram is currently the most important social media platform. People are making a living exclusively off instagram these days. However, becoming instagram influential isn’t easy and is definitely not as effortless as it looks. I currently have 70,000 Instagram followers and at my most committed, I raked in 10,000 instagram followers in three months. Below are 10 steps you should follow to take your instagram game to the next level:

  1. Your Instagram Should Reflect Your Brand: Gone are the days when you could post a couple selfies and dimly lit photos of your cat a week. Your Instagram should be a direct reflection of your brand and complete online aesthetic. You might want to consider having a private instagram for friends and family because your instagram feed should be an endless scroll of inspirational photos reflective of your blog’s purpose. However, don’t let your instagram feed be sterile/don’t take yourself too seriously. You just need to make sure that your photos are consistently of a very high quality- you can still be goofy!

My Instagram feed:

2. Your Bio Should Tell People Who You Are and What You Do: Brands scroll through Instagram looking for bloggers to work with. Similarly, potential followers land on your profile multiple times a day. Your bio should immediately let them know what you’re about and where to find you on the Internet. You should also include your email address and your location. People love to follow inspirational people in the cities where they live or travel to. It also gives people a better idea of what they can expect from following you and helps to inform their decision of whether they want to follow you.

3. Timing is Everything: Study your instagram engagement patterns and know what time of day gets you the best engagement. If most of your following is from the UK, don’t post a photo at 3am in the middle of the night as most of your followers will be offline. With the new Instagram algorithm, they might never even see the photo the next morning. Post at the times that are likely to get you the best engagement.

4. Editing Photos: Natural is great but just as we wear make-up to enhance our best features, you should edit your photos to enhance theirs. Play around with brightness, saturation, contrast, vibrance and filters. Always make sure that you sharpen your photos so that they are crisp and focused.

5. Your Consistency will Make or Break your Instagram: I don’t know about you but if someone hasn’t posted on Instagram in three weeks, I’m not following them. My favourite instagrammers post daily. You want to keep the inspo coming for your followers. Stack up a collection of photos to post even on ‘boring’ days.

6. Use Hashtags But Not Too Many: You want to use hashtags related to your photos to make your photos discoverable to more people. But, you don’t want to use 20 hashtags that make your photos look like spam. When you use a ton of hashtags, you get ghost instagram accounts follow you. Your follow count will grow but there will be no engagement. And, there’s nothing desirable about that. You also want to tag the brands that you are wearing in your photo as some brands repost photos. Also, their social media team seeing your photos might lead to a collaboration opportunity!

7. Interact with People: Interact with your followers on Instagram stories and Instagram live. The key to internet success these days is to build a community. You build a community through interaction. You also want to leave comments on photos you like and reply to comments you receive.

8. Train Your Eye To Look for the Instagram in Everything: Even on days when you’re not doing anything particularly interesting, train your eye to look for the instagram in everything! You want a coffee? Maybe get it from a cute café instead of your local starbucks so that you can instagram the interiors.

9. Captions are Important: Captions give you the chance to show a bit of personality. If you’re funny, let your captions reflect that! Anyone follow Man Repeller? or Caroline Vreeland? Their captions make you want to be friends with them and follow their every move!

10. Submit your Photos to Popular Instagram Pages: Tag/submit your instagram photos to popular instagram pages that repost people such as streetstyleluxe and thedsfblog. I have gotten up to 1,000 followers in one day because of reposts by popular instagrams.


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  1. Ari Fagbure says:

    Amazing Fisayo! These are genuinely uselful tips, now off I go to implement them lmao

  2. Olushola Mogaji says:

    I just love you. Keep doing what you’re doing because i’m right behind you. Thank you for the tips !

  3. Onyi Moss says:

    This was very useful. Been focusing on my Instagram aesthetics lately. Never thought to tag other style accounts for reposts but will do this going forward. Thanks for sharing ♥️

  4. Kate says:

    These are great tips! Thanks for sharing your advice 🙂


  5. Gillian Okyere says:

    Thanks for sharing with us and the webinar was absolutely helpful!

  6. MJ Junior says:

    Awesome tips really!

  7. Malika Esther says:

    Insightful tips…. thanks

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    awesome tips,thanks

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    Going to apply this seriously and following you right away

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    Thanks for this tips, surely going to be of great use to me and lease I forget I am obsessed with your blog, just got in today and I cant but want to go through all your post and keep following so I dont miss out on any.

  11. serah says:

    great and useful tips

  12. Mo says:

    Thank you for this! Do you have any app suggestions? Apps that you’ve found particularly helpful with feed curation

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