September 3, 2012

Haute Banter

I've never been a Snapback type of girl. I am just not naturally equipped with that dimension of swag, lol. Well except I was wearing it trekking on holiday to protect me from the sun or something, not as a fashion accessory.

But when my friend Juny, a new designer based in London came out with his first collection, I had to have one! I love it and I just might incorporate it into my everyday style now. I wore this outfit on Saturday and as I was walking down Oxford Street, I had people stop me being like "Is your hat Haute Banter as in the new London designer? I really want one!'' and I'm like ''Ooooh yeahh that's right it is, get yours here!''

I love love these ASOS heels so much and have been wearing them way too much lately. They are such a necessity in my wardrobe and are just the perfect shoes to complement the exact look I want with many outfits.

Mirror Me:

Haute Banter Script Snapback

Zara Necklace

ASOS top with polo neck

Vintage Leather Cutoffs (Similar here and here)

ASOS Prior Pointed Heels

4 thoughts on “Haute Banter”

  1. That necklace is fire! Love it!

    1. Mirror Me says:


  2. Super cool as always:) Loving the necklace!
    Jolita x

    1. Mirror Me says:

      Thankyou lovely! xxx

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