July 16, 2014


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I'm a wanderer- I'm happiest when I'm on the road. On a beach in Mexico, beside a tiger in Thailand, heading to the mall in Dubai at 10pm and shopping till the stores close at 1am or waking up for a 5am sunrise in the Seychelles. I'm a happy person by nature. But too often, my happiness is determined by where I am. At home, I always have a sense of longing. I need to learn to be as happy at home as I am on holiday. To enjoy the fast pace and spontaneity of travel, but also appreciate the security and certainty of home. I've lived in London for years, but I still would make a terrible tour guide to a first time visitor.

I need to learn to be a tourist in my own town and always chase the light. After all, some people don't have homes.

Pray for Gaza.
Pray for our Nigerian girls still missing.
Pray for the world.
Be happy for your internet access to even read this post.
Be happy for your pillow at night.
Be happy for your eyesight and limbs.

If you woke up tomorrow with only what you thanked God for last night, what would you have?

So many people say to me on Instagram- 'OMG I wish I had your life'. And I just silently smile to myself. Everyone puts their best self on social media. When was the last time you saw an Instagram picture of a crying face with the caption 'I'm lonely'. Have you ever seen one? So many of us are lonely, it's probably an emotion everyone feels quite often. I can tell you for a fact that I was lonely last Friday night after my family traveled and I sat home alone working. You didn't see that on my Instagram and you will never see that on my Instagram. Because, where's the positivity in that? You never know what is really going on in people's lives. You don't know if those shoes were bought on credit with money the person really didn't have, or that beautiful face cries herself to sleep every night. Don't judge a life by a 4x4 picture. Don't judge a life, period. Love yours. Appreciate yours. You don't know how much of it you have left. Live your best days today.

This is as much a message to you, as it is to me.

Shot in Cancun, Mexico

19 thoughts on “HAPPY”

  1. Lynda says:

    Love this blog post. I just came across your blog a few weeks ago. Becoming one of faves! By the way you’re stunning. And you’re right, we shouldn’t judge peoples lives because we don’t know what’s behind all the glitz and glamour.

  2. Onyxsta says:

    I loved everything about this post; the earnestness of your thoughts to the current affairs awareness in light of those who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves to live in a free world. Not to mention the fabulous pics x

    BLEURGH – http://www.bleurghnow.com

    1. Abi Longe says:

      Fabulous post darling. So real, deep and true. You are beautiful inside and out.
      God bless you!

  3. Ruby says:

    Great post! I too am a wanderer and always longing for the next adventure. You put it perfectly that we all need to appreciate the stability that is home, too. Thank you for that reminder 🙂

  4. Strong message. This speaks volumes. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Motilayo W. says:

    Wauw beautiful look!
    Very cool post, so deep and true, love it!

    Much Love, M

  6. Sarah says:

    So true, you cant base your perceptions of someone on a mere picture, we really need to pray for the world. Great pictures though, and I love your beach coverup.

  7. Chuqqy says:

    Great message hOney we all need to stop and smell the roses!love the coverup

  8. Vana says:

    Great pics. Beautiful and deep message!

  9. Zainab says:

    So true… You said it all. There is a big-real-life behind social media

  10. Fine+Casual says:

    This is so true! I recently posted something about this on our blog. Learning to never compare ourselves with people/things that we see on social media, and just see them as they are, to make you smile or learn something new. Love the message!

  11. Damilola says:

    Lovely pic and Great message fisayo. People really need to Learn that. All that glitters is not gold.

  12. Very well said! xx

  13. Kesh says:

    Perfectly said Fisayo!

  14. It never gets old seeing pictures from your trips. NEVER!

  15. Bellajoya says:

    I saw this post and i couldnt help but nod and agree with everything in it. SO often we find ourselves comparing our everyday life to the highlights of other peoples lives we see on IG. I’ve had to stop myself soo many times, because its soo easy to get sucked into it without realizing. Thanks for the post it was needed.

  16. So so so true. I try to never make assumptions about people and their lives based on social media. I’ve just discovered this blog and very much enjoying.

  17. Peace says:

    Hi thanks for being candid. You such a gracious person.
    Practice the presence of the Lord and talk to Him. This sorts out a lot including loneliness and not appreciating where we are. We are all human and only His Grace ministers to us all.

  18. Peace says:

    Hi thanks for being candid. You such a gracious person.
    Practice the presence of the Lord and talk to Him. This sorts out a lot including loneliness and not appreciating where we are. We are all human and only His Grace ministers to us all.

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