January 6, 2013

Favourite Leather




We've all put our toilet bag in our suitcases without wrapping it up and had it's contents spill onto our favourite cotton top. However, this has happened to me way too many times for me to keep making the same mistake. Also, this time it wasn't just any cotton top that could be washed. It was this perfect leather dress which I have worn only once. I managed to cover up the gruesome stains with my clutch for these pictures, so gutted! I wore the dress to my friends 21'st which was an amazing night. My only consolation is that I got to wear the dress to a fab event before the spill happened but I'm still not pleased as I would wear a dress like this numerous times, even layered up for the winter.

Mirror Me:

All Saints Leather dress (If you pay a visit to Bicester Village, you'll see it hanging on the racks waiting for you to take it home!)

Diane Von Furstenberg Clutch (Mum's own and also from Bicester Village)

Balenciaga Shoes from eBay

Now, your turn!

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