April 29, 2013

Double Denim Is So Mainstream

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'Gosh, why are you wearing that? Double Denim is so mainstream!', my friend yelped after taking one looking at me in this outfit.

It's interesting how fashion is forever in Throwback Thursday mode. It usually begins with a general concensus of 'Ewww, I will never wear that (again)!' to acknowledgment by a fair fashionable few that the trend (see: double denim) actually looks pretty cool. I think it is at that point that the effect of celebrity-watching, blogs and fashion week street style kicks in as the influence then spreads like wildfire and everyone realises that they too, must get in on said trend.

Double Denim has gone from being this massive statement, hated by many and liked by some to being so unoriginal that my friend even went as far as to call it mainstream. I also have to ask though, what is wrong with being 'mainstream'? I guess you could say that as a blogger, what is not wrong with being 'mainstream'? What is your compulsion to show your outfits to the world if you are just wearing what the next girl is already wearing?

My conclusion is that it is not about what you're wearing, but how you wear it. Style is the addition of your own twist to a (dare I say) 'mainstream' outfit. Maybe you're able to accessorise with jewellery in a way that is just you, maybe you'll don a super fly hat, or wear two different shades of denim or heck, even wear the same shade and look like you're wearing overalls. Maybe you're going to DIY your jeans with a rip or two or even throw up three fingers and open your mouth. Did you see how the people behind are looking at me? Yes, maybe that too is style. For real though, let's just wear what the hell we want and have fun wearing it! Take a look at my fabulous blogger friend Daniella wearing Birkinstocks and socks like it ain't no thang! Hate it or love it, that's her STYLE!

Full disclosure: There was no friend. This is just a glimpse into the debates I have with self within the chaos that is my mind.

13 thoughts on “Double Denim Is So Mainstream”

  1. T says:

    You look great as usual. Could you please do a post on your favourite bikinis as “summer is coming” and I’m sure we’ll be needing several bikinis.

    1. fisayolonge says:

      Yup that’s true, I can definitely do one of these in the near future. Thank you!

  2. Dolly says:

    Love this!!
    1).Regarding your asos scarf dress..is it very short? Have a family bbq this weekend and was thinking of buying it but wanted to see a full pic of you wearing it first *facepalm*lool! I was actually hoping you’ll do a post on it.

    2).Can you please recommend spring/summer lipsticks?
    Thanks in advance :)))))))

    1. fisayolonge says:

      Thank you!

      The dress is short but I wouldn’t say too short for a family BBQ (depends on how strict your family is I guess). Haha it’s always better to see it on someone that’s not a model. I will do a post on it at some point in the week but for the time being, look at it on Jessica from Tuula Vintage but remember she’s very tall: http://www.tuulavintage.com/2013/03/mandarin/

      Sorry I know nothing about summer lipstick! I only wear purple, burgundy, wine and red which aren’t really summer colours! I reckon light pinks are perfect for summer. I’m not that much of a lipstick girl. I’m going to try to look into this though, you’ve sort of challenged me. Lol.

  3. Dee says:

    fab………….i love it. x

  4. Nelo says:

    hey you look great as always! Aint nothing wrong with mainstream fashion if you asked me. I agree its all about style. That special spin you put into your outfit- how YOU wear it, how u style it, your use of accesories or lack of it. YOU in your clothes, thats what matters really . That said, I love denim on denim. lol

  5. oniye says:

    hey, what red lipstick do you use? I’ve had a rough finding that works for me!

    1. oniye says:


    2. fisayolonge says:

      That’s Ruby Woo a.k.a the red that suits almost everyone. Try a darker shade of red if you struggle with reds. I think darker shades are more forgiving!

  6. Melissa says:

    Fab look

  7. Tolu says:

    I love, love, LOVE your hair (the latest one you’ve been rocking which is like a short,chic bob)
    Just wanted to know whether or not it’s your real hair or like how you got it done?
    If it is your real hair, do you have any ideas on how to achieve this same style with a weave?

  8. Hi! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying
    your blog and look forward to new posts.

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Thanks! Yup, follow here: https://twitter.com/FisayoLonge

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