September 10, 2013


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Fourteen years on and I was still as excited about going to Disney as the very first time!  Disneyland Paris isn't quite as good as in Orlando. We didn't get to meet all the characters like we wanted and my little sister Timon was disappointed that she couldn't get a picture with Timon from Lion King. But, it was still as magical!

We ate so much food- burgers, donuts, cookies, hotdogs, popcorn, candyfloss. The food was definitely a highlight but then, the food is always a highlight with us! My friends and I love food so much, it's pretty weird. On another note, I'm that friend who goes to a theme park and has the time of her life without going on a single ride. I hate roller coasters so much! I bowed to the pressure and decided to go on one and I despised every second of it! I always say: you know you really don't like roller coasters when you can't even scream. I just sit there the whole time in complete silence with my head down, waiting for the torture to end! So much for being a YOLO girl.

It's definitely a place where I will always return to each time I get the chance. Being too old for Disney is like being too old to dream!

4 thoughts on “DISNEY”

  1. chuqqy says:

    Gorg pictures, you had a good time never been to paris 🙁 someday ur family and friends are beautiful.

    1. Fisayo Longe says:

      Thank you dear. Put it in you future plans! xxx

  2. abisola says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures as always!

  3. Tade says:

    Lovely pictures! I Love your friends braids (the one in the blue and white polka dot playsuit). Please where in Nigeria did she get it done? xx

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