July 7, 2013

Denim Dress: Charlotte Olympia Fairytale

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My flight from Barcelona to Ibiza was awful. Ryanair really does live up to it's reputation. Whilst trying to get rid of stuff from my duffel bag so that I would be allowed on to the flight with my hand luggage without having to pay extra fees, I lost the strap for the right foot of my Charlotte Olympia's pictured above.

As soon as I arrived at my hotel in Ibiza, I sent a message to the Charlotte Olympia customer service team asking if there was any chance I could get a strap for these now sold-out shoes. I really wasn't expecting a positive reply, I just wanted to try. Fast forward a week later, there were two shiny new straps waiting for me at home. Two things amaze me about this: Firstly, that they would manufacture straps for a sold out pair of shoes free of charge and in record time; and then that they would send me two straps when all I asked for was one.

I can now truly say without simply trying to justify my bad shopping habits, that buying more expensive shoes is an investment: an investment in eternal customer service, amongst other things.

Charlotte Olympia Heels (last seen here and same style here), Topshop Denim Dress , Miu Miu Sunglasses

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  1. I have to find a way to recreate this look. Even for 2014 it would be so chic!

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