July 6, 2012

Days 9 & 10- Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon, I quite liked! It is a very developed city and had all the more fancy stores. We went to the post office,the Notre Dame bulding, The War Museum and The Cu Chi Tunnels.
The War Museum and Cu Chi Tunnels were a little sad, especially the War Museum. It's amazing how anti-American the propaganda about the Vietnamese war here still is. It really hit home the effects of the Agent Orange (the American herbicidal warfare program) with the pictures of thousands of people still born deformed and with disabilities even today. The sad thing is the Vietnamese war seems almost unnecessary. I hate war and all it stands for. Especially this war, what was the point?
Obviously, there are two sides to the story. Maybe three, and here in Vietnam, they only tell the story from their own point of view. Nevertheless, it still seems like it was a pointless 10 years of murder and fighting. The Cu Chi tunnels where the Vietnamese hid to escape the war and bombs were really intriguing. It is a complex system of tunnels. I was quite ill when I got there so I didn't get to take that many pics or go into the tunnels. It was still interesting though.

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  1. So jealous of your amazing adventures! You look glamorous!!!!
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