July 21, 2012

Days 21&22- Vang Vieng!

Vang Vieng I think is Laos's most exciting destination for the young or simply young at heart. There are a vast amount of activities to do, and the nightlife is great too! However, it is more touristy and full of backpackers so if that's not your style, you might not appreciate it. I loved Vang Vieng!
So we travelled from Vientiane to Vang Vieng by bus and that afternoon, I went Kayaking and into some caves in the forest for the first time ever! I've never really been an outdoor person but I certainly enjoyed doing something I'd never done before and to be honest, I think I do have some outdoor in me!

Tubing is the most infamous activity in Vang Vieng. Basically, you go in a tube and sail on the river. Sounds pretty basic right? Well throw in about a 100 bars on the river which you stop at for free shots, drinks and the best music and dancing. After a lot of thought about life, I decided I couldn't come to Vang Vieng and not risk my life going tubing. Just kidding, as long as you do not get drunk, or do any swings or slides (due to shallow water and rocks), and get out of the river before it gets dark, you will (should) be fine! Oh, make sure you can swim too just incase! I did not take my camera tubing but here is a picture of one of the bars just to give you an idea:

What a name. If you ever go tubing, completely ignore any such advise and remain in control.

Now, your turn!

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