July 21, 2012

Days 18&19- Hanoi

Hanoi was our final destination in Vietnam. Sometimes I found myself wishing that we spent more time in Cambodia and less in Vietnam.

On the day we arrived in Hanoi, we tried to see the famous water puppet show but tickets were sold out. Somehow, I wasn't so disappointed.

After lunch, we went to the Hoa Lo Prison Museum. The prison was built by the French and was used to hold revolutionary Vietnamese a.k.a the die-hard communists. We were faced with horrific pictures and stories of how the Vietnamese were treated by the French and American at the prison which posed as a huge contrast to what we saw when we went into the area of the prison which held American pilot prisoners. According to the prison, they were all treated like kings. On the walls were pictures of the men smiling, eating great food, being treated by Medics and even a picture of Vietnamese soldiers helping senator John McCain out. I'm sure the Americans would have a different story to tell about this era. However, it is quite interesting to see how the propaganda is so different in the different countries. Somehow, I think the pilot prisoners would rather have been at home with their families but hey ho, you never know!
That night, we were determined to party hard Vietnamese style and headed to a club with the most bizarre name- ''Hair of the Dog''. It turned out to be a great night. The problem I have had with a few places here is the music. I can't deal with bad music. But this was a complete shocker- it was tune after tune after tune!
Below is an instagram pic of my outfit.


I wore Vintage floral shirt, Zara lace shorts, Topshop wedges
The next morning when everyone got up to visit the Mausoleum where Ho Chi Minh’s body is preserved and open to public viewing, I really couldn't get up so early after such a night and stayed in bed. I spent the whole day doing nothing, the best kind of days when you are on a trip with such a packed schedule!
The next morning we caught a short flight to Laos, Laos was amazing, more posts to come!

Now, your turn!

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