January 18, 2013

Cycling La Digue


The journey to La Digue was anything but smooth. My mum found it funny that I'd never been on a ferry of this nature in rough waters because I literally thought we were about to die! I was looking around wondering why no one else was alarmed as I was convinced the boat was about to capsize the way it was being flung across the seas by the waves. I may or may not have cried. It really was that bad! Apparently the waters were the roughest they had been in a long time. Just our luck.
When we reached La Digue, I completely forgot about the horrible journey (until the journey to the next island). I think the most incredible thing about the Seychelles is how everything seems untouched. It is so perfectly beautiful; even in all it's imperfections. The clearest blue skies, the cleanest waters which start with a greeny baby blue hue at the beach and then gradually intensify to deep blue.
The best thing about La Digue for me was that everyone gets around on a bike! Taxes are sky high for car owners so we only saw about 8 cars on the roads while we were there. Now I hadn't been on a bike in about 9 years which meant that I was really rusty at first. But it's true what they say 'you never forget how to ride a bike' because as soon as I got into the swing of things, there was no stopping me!
We cycled to the national park and to the beach; bumping into all sorts of beauty along the way.
Ofcourse I was snap happy the entire three hours we were there so there are more pictures to come including pictures of locals (my absolute fave!)

Oh, and you can find my shorts here! They really are made to be worn more elegantly than   to cycle around.

7 thoughts on “Cycling La Digue”

  1. Tropical Biking. Beautiful 🙂

    1. fisayolonge says:

      Thankyou 🙂

  2. Aderonke says:

    I just loveeee your blog. It makes me want to quite my 9-5 and travel like old times

    1. fisayolonge says:

      Thankyou! I want to do the same! 🙂

  3. Uc says:

    Beautiful place and I see your Celine luggage tote. It’s very nice. Levels dey indeed.

    1. fisayolonge says:

      Lol, thankyou! No levels, just hardwork! 🙂

  4. Son ja says:

    Wow! Beautiful. Thumbs up for your blog! Stumbled over it today, very good design and every single photograph is simply perfect! Who’s taking them? You are a beautiful young lady!! and very inspiratious. I’d love to go to the seychelles, too. That’s why this is my favorite post. Such a beautiful location to cycle. I like your website a lot 🙂 😀

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