January 26, 2014


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dior couture sneakers

chanel spring 2014 couture

couture sneakers

cara delevgne chanel couture

chanel couture sneakers

Images: Christian Dior and Chanel Spring 2014 Couture via style.com

Couture has always been one of those things that I appreciate from afar. So good to look at, so hard to ever imagine as my reality. Even when I start to ball so hard, I imagine that a 'price-upon-request' price tag isn't a concept that I will frequently patronize. But, it's so damn good to look at.

Catching up on the couture shows on style.com, my heart skips a few beats at the sheer magnitude of beauty- Elie Saab, Ulyana Sergeenko and Giambattista Valli always ignite the hope that I will at least wear couture on my wedding day. This time around through, there was something else that caught my eye. First, Raf Simons sent a few girls down the runway in sneakers. I wasn't too sure what to think. Then, Karl Lagerfeld sent ALL the Chanel girls down the runway in sneakers. This marks an official trend. According to style.com, Simons painted a picture of a woman leaving the red carpet, plucking her shoes out of her bag, and spending the rest of the night in a club. Okay, I totally get that. But, maybe the model should also leave the runway before plucking the sneakers out of her bag?!

In fashion, I've learnt to never say never. But, I'm obviously way more traditional than I thought. So, for now, I'm not here for couture sneakers. I'm all for comfortable fashion and juxtaposing a dressy outfit with a pair of cool-ass sneakers. But, not when it comes to couture. I'd like couture to always remain a fairytale to me. Cinderella never wore sneakers to the ball, and she will never were sneakers to the ball.

What's your take on couture sneakers? Do you love couture for what it traditionally is, or are you willing to accept that the sports luxe trend that we all welcomed with open arms to give our sore feet a much-needed break, has now found it's way to couture?


  1. bisola says:

    definitely interesting to look at!… (from afar)
    I’m here for couture x fancy heels not ‘sneakers’ lol

  2. Chuqqy says:

    I like the idea of couture in my dreams I can afford all of that Lol, with regards couture sneakers I believe there’s always something for everyone (ahem brands like zara would make similar for less) and those who can afford it would definately splurge. Chiara Ferragni is my poster child for wearing sneakers she pretty much pulls it off all the time.

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