October 15, 2013


Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

Chocolate Chip CookiePhotos by me

I decided to make what I thought were overnight changes to the blog to make loading time faster but this project instead took two days. It be like that sometimes, right?

Sorry to everyone who came here for your usual fix and was met with a broken page. I gave a forewarning on twitter and I just realised that I should have done the same on facebook. Nevertheless, you might want to follow me for future reference?

So, welcome back! I return with the usual agenda tomorrow but for now, maybe you can accept my big fat (literally) apology in form of the the best chocolate chip cookie recipe EVER. Seriously, you might never buy a Millie's Cookie again if you nail this recipe. Head over to my friend's new food blog: Hey Eater for the recipe. Her food is my guilty pleasure. I've been known to run to her house after an hour at the gym; only to consume all the calories I've just burned.

Now, your turn!

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