July 14, 2016


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caseapp phone case

Ragged Priest Jacket (sold out, love this too)
American Apparel Dress
Doc Martens Boots
Caseapp Marble Phone Case and Macbook Skin (Use code MIRRORME20 for 20% off)

P.S I ordered the tough iphone cases which means that when my phone hits the ground now, it’s the ground that cries. Also, I think I ordered the wrong size Macbook skin hence not covering my entire macbook lid but I like it like this so I don’t mind.

Use MIRRORME20 for 20% off on Caseapp.

4 thoughts on “BAD TO THE BONE”

  1. Linoya says:

    So stylish look,Beautiful your laptop.

  2. burkerabe says:

    So Fashionable outfit

  3. Briana Batts says:

    OMG!! love the outfit and matching cases

  4. Desirée Iyama says:

    Your hair omg ! Loveeee !
    Your outfit is amazing !


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