March 4, 2015


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Black Turtleneck, Black Longline Shorts, Thigh High Boots, Camel Sleeveless Coat (this is cool too!), Louis Vuitton Chain Bag (YSL Version, Affordable Version (Use code BIGEVENT15 for up to 25% off on Shopbop)

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There is so much beauty in simplicity. My style wouldn't be described as simple and I wouldn't want it to but once in a while, I put together a really simple outfit like this that comprises only of two hues. I think it's as cute and effective as some of my less simple outfits.

Maybe it's true what they say, simple does it.

4 thoughts on “SIMPLE DOES IT”

  1. sarah says:

    This look is so dope. It’s simple yet sophisticated. I love your boots and coat.

    Princess Audu

  2. Couns says:

    Absolutely amazing look!
    Black and camel are one of my favourite colours!
    The sleeveless coat is really stunning plus the gloves add extra elegance.


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