February 25, 2013

Bras Should Never Be on Display, Fis

This post is for you mum. My precious mum can't understand why I would want to wear a top with an integrated bra. It's because it's a cool top mum! I give it 5 minutes before my phone rings and my mum is at the other end expressing her disdain at the fact that i am referencing bras on my blog. But it really is a cool top, you know? As each day passes by, I find a deeper appreciation for the femininity and slouchy silhouettes of wide legged trousers such as this. It's a bit of a pain that I have to get each pair tailored to fit me as they come about 5 inches too long but it's always worth it in the end. This was my outfit for the last day of LFW. The sun was out but it was cold! It never pays off, that whole not dressing warm enough just because you want a particular look.

2 thoughts on “Bras Should Never Be on Display, Fis”

  1. Enny Ogun... says:

    Classic meet chic, =fab!

    1. fisayolonge says:

      Thank you!

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