March 14, 2017


Styling extravagant pieces always reminds me of just how much life is all about balance.
Reward Style Javascript

Juxtaposing the most obnoxious coat against raw hem denim jeans- Balance. I know I’m a drama queen but styling always has it’s ways of reminding you of the most important life principles. Whether it’s to wear whatever you want and to hell with the opinions of the world, or to make a ‘doing too much’ piece less so by juxtaposing it against something more basic.

Don’t forget that I’m hosting a live webinar on Thursday 16th March at 7.30pm London time; teaching you how to become successful fashion, travel or lifestyle bloggers. I can’t wait- the energy surrounding it is already amazing!


2 thoughts on “BALANCE”

  1. Shewa Johnson says:

    You’re my absolute inspiration !!

  2. MJ Junior says:

    Classy, Edgy Sophistication!

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