September 13, 2012

Anna Dello Russo X H&M

Take a peek into some of ADR's collection for H&M.

The jewellery, the clutches, gold sunglasses and the luggage (swooon) are the items I'm most excited for! Maybe even that fascinator with a stuffed bird on top of it? I've always wanted one of those things to be quite honest. Those gold foldy pumps are such a good idea to be a permanent item in your handbag for those days when you can't bear the pain of the heels any longer. The collection as a whole is generally very fun and attention-grabbing, I love it.

I was just speaking to my friend Regina about the collection and she said how she really wants the sunglasses and I said how I really want the luggage. At the same time, I typed: ''the sunglasses are so loud!'' and she typed: ''the luggage is so loud!'' Ha!

But you can expect nothing but ''loud'' from the Vogue Japan editor who is the number one badass at wearing night-time clothes in the day-time and the number one advocate for ''it's not fashion if it's comfortable''. Like really, who else could pull off those tiny bodycon dresses to fashion shows in the winter? Plus let's be honest, we need a couple of those head-turning items in our closet! I can imagine walking through the airport with those hard cases with people looking at me like ''where is she going'' and me looking over my shoulder like ''wouldn't you like to know?''. Lol

If you haven't seen her ''Fashion Showers'' video, you NEED to see it below.

The collection hits the stores on October 4th!
Are you going to be queuing up at dawn just to lay your hands on some of these? I  know I won't because I've got work so please don't sell out too quickly!

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  1. WOW the jewellery and the luggage,- we are most definitely on the same page:)

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