September 30, 2014


acne studios ss15
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You know how I feel about 'no cleavage-cleavage'. You know, low necklines on A and B-cup women. What I always call the 'B-Cup priviledge' when my mum accuses me of indecency for wearing a crazily low neckline. I'm just like- 'Mum, I don't even have boobs! Leave it.' I love it, I absolutely love it.

Take that and then combine it with chunky gold neck details. And let the suit be mustard. This is the best thing I've seen today. I'm in love.

Acne Studios SS15, you have excited me greatly. Right, I'll pipe down now.

One thought on “ACNE STUDIOS SS15 | WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?”

  1. LOL @ the mom comment. It sounds exactly like my mother. But then she’s the one to also add that she doesn’t know what boobs I have to be showing off anyway. I love that mustard yellow — so beautiful. Imagine all the boob tape you would need if you were to wear that out! LAWD.

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