November 20, 2017


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It doesn’t get much edgier/borderline tacky than leather thigh high boots. But that’s where you’ll find me a lot of the time- tottering that fine line between fashunnn and tacky. There’s so many rules to be broken and so much fun to be had there.

A simple styling trick to make leather thigh high boots more wearable is to dress more modestly up top and play with texture- try suede, velvet or corduroy. It also makes a world of difference when the dress or skirt ends lower than where the boots begin and you don’t have that bit of skin peeking out above the boots.

4 thoughts on “80’s MINI DRESS”

  1. Tolu Thompson says:

    Love this look! And glad the bob has returned!!

  2. Simplement Lui says:

    Mini dress and OTK boots is a fantastic combo! Perfect outfit 😉

  3. Ines says:

    Oh, this LDB with side buttons looks terrific! I like the way you style it with a Gucci black fanny pack and tight black leather OTK boots. All in black, why not?
    Ines from

  4. MJ Junior says:

    You look hot Fisayo!

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