January 11, 2013

My Girls Are Back!


OMG guys I am so happy about this Destiny's Child album, you really can't imagine how delirious I am!

Destiny's Child was my first music love (along with B2K). When they went their separate ways, I was crushed. I loved love them to death. I still do and always will. Over the years, I have heard rumours about a comeback but finally, confirmation that Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle will release an album for the first time in eight years.

The optimist in me is still hoping that they'll go on tour together at some point during my lifetime and I will be able to undo my biggest regret in life- never going to a Destiny's Child concert. There is only one new song, 'Nuclear', on the album and the rest of the tracklist is a compilation of songs recorded between 1997 and 2004 but that could never stop me from pre-ordering the albumĀ here. I must say that I wish there were a few more new songs but I really cannot wait until February 4th, 2013!

DC forever and ever and ever.

Now, your turn!

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